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Chest Injury

Information about Chest Injury

We Have to Know about the Chest Injury

  • The chest contains important structures like the heart, lungs, blood vessels, liver, spleen etc.

Causes of Chest Injury

  • Accidents
  • Falling of heavy objects on chest
  • Stab/perforating injuries
  • Building collapse

Signs & Symptoms of Chest Injury

  • Pain (In contusions, rib fractures)
  • Breathlessness
  • Abnormal chest movements
  • Shock
  • Cold limbs
  • Cyanosis- Blue discoloration

Medical advice for Chest Injury

  • Early consultation if pain and chest wall is moving abnormally
  • If breathlessness, abnormal chest wall movement, shock, and cyanosis are present then seek emergency consultation.

Self-care for Chest Injury

  • Penetrating wound- Cover it with a hand or a cloth
  • Shift the patient immediately to the hospital for proper care.
Causes of Chest Injury
Falling of heavy objects on chest