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About us.

We Group of Health care professionals(Doctors / Paramedics / Medical contents) we started our journey since 2016 to educate health base promotions in Diseases, Medical Information, Home remedies, first aid, other Health & Medical information to deliver through our mymedhealthinfo site & other online & offline process.

Above information is best of our knowledge only, this contact of information may ha typo errors sometimes cause of wrong guidance, request to take this information as reference only.

Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Core values, Respect, Responsibility

Our Mission

The Mission of Reading healthcare awareness to people is to provide accurate compassionate, high quality, accessible, healthcare to the community; to promote health; to educate healthcare Information.

Our Vision

Reading Healthcare information will be an innovative, leading regional health system dedicated to advancing the health and transforming information the lives of the people we serve through excellent best quality healthcare/ Medical information provides.

Our Core values

We respect to our audience, never sold information without permission. We understand health care & Medical information highly sensitive topics.

Our Responsibility

We make high level on integrity maintain the data, images, medical & healthcare content information to not to miss usage it