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Information About Abrasions

We Have to Know about the Abrasions

  • An abrasion is a shearing injury of skin in which the surface is rubbed off. Most are superficial layers
  • Not extended into the epidermis. In some full thickness skin loss is present

Causes of Abrasions

  • Forcible rubbing of the body surface to an irregular hard surface
  • Usually due to falls or scratching
  • Trauma, fingernails, pins also causes abrasion

Signs & Symptoms of Abrasions

  • Injuries with partial or total skin loss
  • Dirt may be ingrained and cause permanent tattooing, if not removed during primary treatment.

Do’s and Don’ts of Abrasions


  •  if it is mild the wound is uncovered
  •  if it is bleeding use cloth to clean  bleeding and apply pressure to stop  the bleeding / elevate the   area to stop the bleeding


  • Don’ts – wound should not be contaminated

Medical advice for Abrasions

  • When abrasions are large or infected.

Risk factors of Abrasions

  • Diabetes(an immunocompromised state ), exposing to abnormal stress

Treatment for Abrasions

  • Cleaning with a scrubbing brush along the scratch lines and sterile dressings
  • Painkillers, antibiotics(to prevent wound infection), local anesthetics (lidocaine) to prevent pain
  • Tetanus prophylaxis is needed

Self-care for Abrasions

  • Rest to the part and analgesics

Investigations for Abrasions

  • Routine blood and urine examination, if the wound is contaminated scrapings  of the wound are taken for culture
Information about Abrasions
      Symptoms of Abrasions