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Information about Appetite

We Have to Know about the Appetite

  • Appetite may be increased, decreased or perverted

Causes of Appetite

  • Increased Appetite- Hypothalamus lesions, Hysterical, diabetes Mellitus Hyperthyroid, Pregnancy, worm infestation, drugs
  • Decreased Appetite- Gastric carcinoma, psychological, Gastric, ulcer
  • Perverted Appetite- Pregnancy, Nervous Children, insanity

Do’s and Don’ts of Appetite

  • Avoid too much of eating
  • Don’t eat high-calorie food (for e.g fried foods)

Signs & Symptoms of Appetite

  • Maybe obese, thin or emaciated

Medical advice for Appetite

  • When you think that something is grossly abnormal

Risk factors of Appetite

  • Drugs, diabetes, anorexia nervosa, cachexia

Treatment for Appetite

  • Treatment as per the cause

Self-care for Appetite

  • Eating PUFA, healthy fruits

Investigations for Appetite

  • Varied tests for the diseases mentioned above
Causes of Appetite
 Information about Appetite