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Bad Smell from Nose

Information About Bad Smell from Nose

We Have to Know about the Bad Smell from Nose

  • The second major source of bad breath is the nose. In this occurrence, the air exiting the nostrils has a pungent odor that differs from the oral odor
  • The nasal odor may be due to:

Post-nasal drip (PND)

  • It is the drainage from the nose and sinuses dripping down the back of the throat which occurs when excessive mucus is produced by the sinuses. The excess mucus accumulates in the throat or back of the nose

It can be caused by

  1. Rhinitis (allergic or non-allergic)
  2. Sinusitis (acute or chronic)
  • Sinusitis is an inflammation of the mucous membranes that line the sinus cavities. Inflammation of the sinuses could be due to an allergy, an infection, or ongoing exposure to an irritant, such as pollution or smoke
  • Inflammation in the sinuses can block sinus drainage.  This can cause the phlegm to collect in your nose and sinuses so that your nose feels blocked all of the time.  Over time this collection of phlegm can smell really bad
  1.  Frequently caused by allergies, which may be seasonal or persistent throughout the year, depending on the allergen(s) involved
  2. Foreign bodies


  •  If this smell continues, check with your doctor
  •  A nasal wash helps remove phlegm from the nose and sinuses. This can temporarily decrease the postnasal drip and lessen the phlegm build up.
Causes of Bad Smell from Nose
                                   Bad Smell from Nose