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Black Spots Pigmentation

Information About Black Spots Pigmentation

We Have to Know about the Black Spots Pigmentation

  • The color of the skin may be altered by many diseases and agents. Some of them resulting from exposure to exogenous pigments such as carotenemia argyria, deposition of metals. Majority of them have an increase or decrease in pigment.

Causes of Black Spots Pigmentation

Primary Pigmentary Disorders

  • Hyperpigmentation: may be
  • Congenital or acquired
  • Addison’s disease
  • Neurofibromatosis
  • Melasma (on face)
  • Hypopigmentation: In this vitiligo albinism (1% population) and Piebaldism may be associated with hypo/hyperthyroidism, Pernicious anemia, diabetes, Addison’s disease
  • Piebaldism is localized condition hypopigmentation that occurs in melanomas

Secondary Pigmentary disorders

  • Any damage to the skin such as irritation, allergy, infection, excoriation, burns, and dermatological therapy can give rise to hypo /hyperpigmentation
  • A common disorder associated with hyperpigmentation: Acne, Phototoxicity, and drugs (chloroquine, Chlorpromazine, minocycline, phenolphthalein, Sulfamethoxazole, NSAIDS and tetracycline
  • Hypopigmentation: Leucoderma may complicate Atopic dermatitis, lichen planus, psoriasis, discoid lupus erythematosus, and local corticosteroid injection

Signs and Symptoms Black Spots Pigmentation

  • Skin lesion with hypo /hyper pigment changes.

Do’s and Don’ts of Black Spots Pigmentation

  • Limited except in secondary causes by avoiding chronic irritation, drugs
  • Avoid exposure to the sun

Medical advice for Black Spots Pigmentation

  • When not relieved by the following treatment

Risk factors of Black Spots Pigmentation

  • Skin Disorders
  • Drugs
  • Exposure to sun
  • Contraceptives
    Treatment for Black Spots Pigmentation
  • 3 to 4% Hydroquinone Cream
  • Tretinoin cream

For hypopigmentation: Cosmetics like a cover mask

  • Topical Methoxsalen
  • UVA treatment

Self-care for Black Spots Pigmentation

  •  Avoid precipitating causes

Investigations for Black Spots Pigmentation

  • Lab Test
Symptoms Black Spots Pigmentation
   Causes of Black Spots Pigmentation