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Blood Under Nail

Information about Blood Under Nail

We Have to Know about the Blood Under Nail

  • The pressure created by blood under the nail can be very painful

First Aid

  • Draining the blood through a hole will relieve the pain. but only do so if you have severe, throbbing pain

Do not perform this procedure if you are diabetic or have blood circulation problems

  • Straighten a steel paper clip. Hold it with a pair of pliers and heat the tip in a flame until it is red hot
  • Place the hot tip of the paper clip on the nail and allow it to melt through – don’t use any pressure. Reheat the paper clip if necessary and repeat. The blood will eventually seep through the hole and give pain relief. The procedure is not as painful as the nail itself has no feeling
  • If there is no pain relief, it might indicate a more serious injury, such as a broken toe or finger. See your doctor
  • If the problem returns, repeat the procedure using the same hole. Apply an antibiotic ointment and cover the nail

Medical advice for Blood Under Nail

  • See the doctor if there are intense pain and tenderness or if the blood collected underneath the nail bed occupies 25 % of the space.
Blood Under Nail
            Blood Under Nail