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Breast Pain

Information about Breast Pain

We Have to Know about the Breast Pain

  • Breast pain may be cyclic, noncyclic or extramammary

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions

  • Pain in the breast?

Causes of Breast Pain

  • Non-Cyclic Breast Pain can be triggered by breast cysts, breast trauma, prior breast surgery or other factors localized to the breast
  • Noncyclic breast pain may also originate outside the breast — in the chest wall, muscles, joints or heart, for example — and radiate to the breast

Do’s and Don’ts of Breast Pain

  •  Don’t neglect it

Signs & Symptoms of Breast Pain

  • Cyclic breast pain: Cyclic breast pain occurs in a pattern clearly related to the menstrual cycle. usually occurs in both breasts and involves the entire breast tenderness, swelling or lumpiness in addition to the pain
  • Non-Cyclic Breast Pain: is constant or intermittent breast pain unrelated to the menstrual cycle occurs in only one breast and tends to be localized to a specific area in your breast
  • Extramammary breast pain: arises from a source other than the breast, such as muscles in the chest wall, but it may feel like it’s originating in the breast

Medical advice for Breast Pain

  • If you have breast pain that’s lasted for a long time, or if your pain comes and goes repeatedly

Risk factors of Breast Pain

  • Breast lump
  • Breast Tumor

Treatment for Breast Pain

  • Depends on the cause
  • Medicines
  • Some cases may require surgery

Self-care for Breast Pain

  • Use hot or cold compresses on your breasts
  • Wear a sports bra during exercise and while sleeping, especially when your breasts are extra sensitive
  • Limit or eliminate caffeine
  • Decrease the fat in your diet
  • Take vitamin E

Investigations for Breast Pain

  • Lab tests
  • Mammography
Symptoms of Breast Pain
 Symptoms of Breast Pain