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Child Birth

Information about Child Birth

We Have to Know about the Child Birth

Signs of labor

 Bloody Show

  • Bloody show is pink, brown or red-tinged mucous that can be found when wiping while going to the bathroom or sometimes on your sanitary pad or underwear. This is a sign that your cervix is changing by dilating, thinning or moving forward in preparation for labor. Time to labor? Varies from hours to days.

Mucus Plug

  • The cervix is “plugged” with a thick piece of mucous that helps protect your baby during pregnancy by blocking the entrance to the uterus. As your cervix changes and dilates, part of the mucous plug can be released. Time to labor? Weeks to hours


  • Contractions are what helps the cervix to dilate and open for your baby to be born. Many women will have contractions throughout the end of their pregnancy. The difference between labor contractions and labor are the strength, frequency, and intensity of labor contractions. Labor contractions get stronger, longer and closer together
  • The average labor for a first-time mom is about 12-18 hours.

Stages of labor

First stage

  • Contractions generally are three to four minutes apart and may last up to 40 seconds long

  Second stage

  • The contractions will usually space out a bit, they will be every 2 minutes lasting for about one minute going back to about four minutes apart. This stage ends with the birth of your baby

Third stage

  • Pushing out of placenta. Generally happens within a few minutes


  • Place of delivery must be planned in advance. Shifting to a hospital or health center should be done soon after the onset of labor pains.
  • High-risk cases, as identified by the ANM or doctor, should be admitted to a hospital well in advance.
  • Planning my family in advance for arrangements for transport in case of emergency
We Have to Know about the Child Birth
        Information about Child Birth