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Color Blindness

Information about Color Blindness

We Have to Know about the Color Blindness

  • A condition where people are unable to distinguish between different colors or shades of color

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions

  • Unable to detect some colors?

Causes of Color Blindness

  • Genetic – connected to the X-chromosome
  • Acquired- Medication such as tamoxifen and viagra
  • Certain degenerative eye diseases can affect the retina of the eye
  • Optic nerve disorders
  • Cataracts

Do’s and Don’ts of Color Blindness

Signs & Symptoms of Color Blindness

  • People who are color blind from birth, are often unaware of it
  • It is usually picked up by people around them, who notice their inability to distinguish between different colors or between different shades of the same color

Medical advice for Color Blindness

  • It is not really a condition that requires ongoing medical attention
  • If it is suspected in a child, get the child tested for color vision and for visual acuity

Risk factors of Color Blindness

  • People with degenerative eye disease, such as cataracts, or inflammation of the optic nerve
  • Those who suffer from a nutritional deficiency of Vitamin A

Treatment for Color Blindness

  • No real treatment for color blindness. It cannot be cured or prevented

Self-care for Color Blindness

Investigations for Color Blindness

  • Dot-pattern test, it also tells which type of color blindness is present
Self-care for Color Blindness
                           Causes of Color Blindness