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Information About Decreased Sexual Desire

We Have to Know about the Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Inhibited (Decreased) sexual desire (ISD) won’t begin or answer their partner’s want for sexual issues
  • Primary: The person has never felt much sexual desire or interest
  • Secondary: The person used to feel sexual desire, but no longer does Sometimes the two partners have different sexual interest levels, as a result, one partner can claim that his or her partner has ISD, once if truth be told they need active desire and area unit terribly demanding sexually.

Causes of Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Communication problems, lack of affection, and conflicts, and not having enough time alone together are common factors
  • ISD can also occur in individuals who’ve had a really strict upbringing regarding  sex, negative attitudes toward sex, or traumatic sexual experiences (such as rape, or sexual abuse)
  • Illnesses and some medications
  • Lack of certain hormones
  • Psychological conditions such as depression and excess stress
  • Insomnia or lack of sleep
  • Sexual problems, For example, the woman who has pain with intercourse, or the man who has erection problems (impotence) or retarded ejaculation

Signs & Symptoms of Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Lack of sexual interest

Do and Don’ts-Decreased Sexual Desire

  • To prevent ISD set aside time for nonsexual intimacy. Couples
    United Nations agency reserve time hebdomadally for talking and for a date alone while not the children can keep additional in-depth} relationship and square measure more possible to feel sexual interest
    Couples ought to conjointly separate sex and tenderness in order that they won’t be afraid that tenderness can forever be seen as asking to own sex
  • For some individuals, reading novels or watching movies with romantic or sexual content also can encourage sexual desire
  • Regularly setting aside “prime time,” before exhaustion sets in, for each talking and sexual intimacy can improve closeness and concupiscence

Risk Factors of Decreased Sexual Desire

  • People who were victims of childhood sexual assault or rape
  • Couples whose marriages lack emotional intimacy

Medical advice for Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Sex are some things that may either bring a relationship nearer along or slowly drive it apart. When one partner is way less curious about sex than the opposite partner, and this has become a source of conflict, they should get professional help before the relationship becomes further strained.

Treatment for Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Treatment should be targeted to the factors that will be lowering sexual interest
  • Relationship or marital therapy

Investigations for Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Blood test for levels of a Hormone -Testosterone
Causes of Decreased Sexual Desire
 Decreased Sexual Desire