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Decreased Sexual Desire

Information About Decreased Sexual Desire

We Have to Know about the Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Inhibited (Decreased) sexual desire (ISD) refers to a low level of sexual interest. A person with ISD will not start or respond to their partner’s desire for sexual activity
  • Primary: The person has never felt much sexual desire or interest
  • Secondary: The person used to feel sexual desire, but no longer does Sometimes the two partners have different sexual interest levels, as a result, one partner can claim that his or her partner has ISD, when in fact they have overactive sexual desire and are very demanding sexually.

Causes of Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Communication problems, lack of affection, and conflicts, and not having enough time alone together are common factors
  • ISD also can occur in people who’ve had a very strict upbringing concerning sex, negative attitudes toward sex, or traumatic sexual experiences (such as rape, or sexual abuse)
  • Illnesses and some medications
  • Lack of certain hormones
  • Psychological conditions such as depression and excess stress
  • Insomnia or lack of sleep
  • Sexual problems, For example, the woman who has pain with intercourse, or the man who has erection problems (impotence) or retarded ejaculation

Signs & Symptoms of Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Lack of sexual interest

Do and Don’ts-Decreased Sexual Desire

  • To prevent ISD set aside time for nonsexual intimacy. Couples who reserve time each week for talking and for a date alone without the kids will keep a closer relationship and are more likely to feel sexual interest
  • Couples should also separate sex and affection so that they won’t be afraid that affection will always be seen as an invitation to have sex
  • For some people, reading novels or watching movies with romantic or sexual content also can encourage sexual desire
  • Regularly setting aside “prime time,” before exhaustion sets in, for both talking and sexual intimacy will improve closeness and sexual desire

Risk Factors of Decreased Sexual Desire

  • People who were victims of childhood sexual abuse or rape
  • Couples whose marriages lack emotional intimacy

Medical advice for Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Sex is something that can either bring a relationship closer together or slowly drive it apart. When one partner is much less interested in sex than the other partner, and this has become a source of conflict, they should get professional help before the relationship becomes further strained.

Treatment for Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Treatment must be targeted to the factors that may be lowering sexual interest
  • Relationship or marital therapy

Investigations for Decreased Sexual Desire

  • Blood test for levels of a Hormone -Testosterone
Causes of Decreased Sexual Desire
         Decreased Sexual Desire