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Information about Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

We Have to Know about the Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

  • A diastema may be an area or gap between 2 teeth
    It seems most frequently between the 2 higher
     front teeth. However, gaps can occur between any two teeth

Causes of Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

  • A pair between the dimensions of the jaw bones and therefore the size of the teeth will cause either further area between teeth or situation of teeth
    If the teeth area unit too little for the jaw bone, areas between the teeth can occur
  • f the teeth area unit too massive for the jaw, teeth are going to be packed
  • Sometimes some teeth are missing or undersized
  • This happens most frequently with the higher lateral incisors (the teeth next to the 2 higher front teeth)
  • A diastema also can be caused by an oversized labial frenum- a piece of tissue that normally extends from the inside of your upper lip to the gum just above your two upper front teeth
  • In some things, the labial frenum continues to grow and passes between the 2 front teeth
  • If this happens, it blocks the natural closing of the area between these teeth.
  • Children might have temporary gaps as their baby teeth fall out
  • Most of these spaces close as the permanent teeth reach their final positions

Do’s and Don’ts-Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

  • Not all spaces can be prevented
  • The best way to reduce the chance of a diastema is to take good care of the primary (baby) teeth.
  • The baby teeth hold the areas for the permanent teeth
  • If they are lost too early, the adult teeth may not enter the mouth in the correct places

Signs & Symptoms of Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

  • A diastema does not cause symptoms

Medical advice for Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

  • If you have a space between your teeth or see one in your child’s mouth, talk with your dentist or orthodontist

Treatment for Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

  • Orthodontic braces – move the teeth together
  • If you have space because you are missing teeth, you might need more extensive dental repair
  • This would possibly embody dental implants, a bridge, or a partial denture
  • If an outsized labial frenum is inflicting the gap, the frenum is reduced through a surgery referred to as a frenectomy

Investigations for Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)

  • You may notice a space when brushing or flossing
  • Your dentist can see spaces during an examination
Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)
Causes of Diastema (Gap Between Teeth)