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Information About Ear Canal Infection

We Have to Know about the Ear Canal Infection

  • An inflammation or infection of the
    the external ear canal, the passage leading from the external organ to the myringa
    Develop once  water, dirt or other debris gets into the ear canal

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions

  • Pain in the ear?

Causes of Ear Canal Infection

  • Excessive water exposure within the ear from swimming or maybe routine showering
  • Swimming in polluted water
  • Hot and humid weather conditions
  • Excessive and harsh cleanup of wax from the ears
  • Irritation caused by bubble baths, shampoos, hair spray, and hair dye
  • Objects such as hearing aids and earbuds
  • Insects trapped in the ears
  • Diabetes and tumors

Do’s and Don’ts of Ear Canal Infection

  • Keep the ear canal clean and dry

Signs & Symptoms of Ear Canal Infection

  • Severe itching pain on moving your outer ear
  • Swelling in your ear or lymph nodes in your neck
  • Feeling of fullness or stuffiness in your ear.
  • Draining pus
  • Decreased hearing

Medical advice for Ear Canal Infection

  • Any persistent pain or any discharge from the ear

Risk factors of Ear Canal Infection

  • Eczema, causes you to scratch your ears excessively
  • Earwax buildup or blockage
  • Diabetes

Self-care for Ear Canal Infection

  • Place a heat (not hot) hot pad over or against your ear to assist scale back pain
  • Pain relievers
  • Keep your ear dry while it’s healing
  • Use earplugs when showering or bathing
  • Don’t swim or clean your still  the infection is gone
Causes of Ear Canal Infection
Ear Canal Infection