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Ear Canal Infection

Information About Ear Canal Infection

We Have to Know about the Ear Canal Infection

  • An inflammation or infection of the outer ear canal, the passage leading from the external ear to the eardrum
  • Develop when water, dirt or other debris gets into the ear canal

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions

  • Pain in the ear?

Causes of Ear Canal Infection

  • Excessive water exposure in the ear from swimming or even routine showering
  • Swimming in polluted water
  • Hot and humid weather conditions
  • Excessive and harsh cleaning of wax from the ears
  • Irritation caused by bubble baths, shampoos, hair spray, and hair dye
  • Objects such as hearing aids and earbuds
  • Insects trapped in the ears
  • Diabetes and tumors

Do’s and Don’ts of Ear Canal Infection

  • Keep the ear canal clean and dry

Signs & Symptoms of Ear Canal Infection

  • Severe itching pain on moving your outer ear
  • Swelling in your ear or lymph nodes in your neck
  • Feeling of fullness or stuffiness in your ear.
  • Draining pus
  • Decreased hearing

Medical advice for Ear Canal Infection

  • Any persistent pain or any discharge from the ear

Risk factors of Ear Canal Infection

  • Eczema, causes you to scratch your ears excessively
  • Earwax buildup or blockage
  • Diabetes

Self-care for Ear Canal Infection

  • Place a warm (not hot) heating pad over or against your ear to help reduce pain
  • Pain relievers
  • Keep your ear dry while it’s healing
  • Use earplugs when showering or bathing
  • Don’t swim or clean your ears until the infection is gone
Causes of Ear Canal Infection
                      Ear Canal Infection