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Information about Endometriosis

We Have to Know about the Endometriosis

  • A condition in which the tissue that normally lines the uterus (endometrium) grows in other areas of the body, causing pain, irregular bleeding, and possible infertility

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions

  • Any bleeding or mass per vaginum

Causes of Endometriosis

  • Not known in most cases

Do’s and Don’ts of Endometriosis

  •  Seek the doctor

Signs & Symptoms of Endometriosis

  • Increasingly painful periods
  • Lower abdominal pain or pelvic cramps that can be felt for a week or two before menstruation
  • Lower abdominal pain felt during menstruation (the pain and cramps may be steady and dull or quite severe)
  • Pelvic or low back pain that may occur at any time during the menstrual cycle
  • Pain during or following sexual intercourse
  • Pain with bowel movements
  • Premenstrual spotting
  • Infertility

Medical advice for Endometriosis

  • Any of the above symptoms

Risk factors of Endometriosis

  • Family history
  • Menstrual cycle characters
  • Conditions that interfere with normal blood flow

Treatment for Endometriosis

  • Monitoring for mild symptoms
  • Painkillers when necessary
  • Hormonal therapy
  • Surgery

Self-care for Endometriosis

Investigations for Endometriosis

  • Ultrasound abdomen and pelvis
  • Laparoscopy
Symptoms of Endometriosis