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Information about Filariasis

We Have to Know about the Filariasis

  • It is a tropical disease, affects the lymphatic, characterized by the lymphatic blockade, thick skin, nonpitting edema.

Causes of Filariasis

Caused by three parasites

  • Wuchereria Bancrofti
  • Brugia malayi
  • Brugia timori

Do’s and Don’ts of Filariasis

  • seek the doctor

Signs & Symptoms of Filariasis

  • Acute: Can be asymptomatic, Episodes of fever, inflammation of lymphatic, Epididymitis, Orchitis, Enlargement of Lymph nodes.
  • Chronic: Obstruction to lymphatic flow, Scrotal Lymphedema, Chyluria (white Urine), Night Cough, Hydrocele, Elephantiasis of extremities, genitals, and breasts.

Medical advice for Filariasis

  • When acute symptoms are present

Risk factors of Filariasis

  • Endemic areas
  • No protection from mosquito bites

Treatment for Filariasis

  • surgically only the size of the affected part is reduced but not cause

Self-care for Filariasis

  • If possible not to visit the infected areas
  • Get protected from mosquito bite by using a net while sleeping or other means like ointment.

Investigations for Filariasis

  • Blood Test
  • Haemo-agglutination tests.
Medical advice for Filariasis