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Information about Fluorosis

We Have to Know about the Fluorosis

  • Fluorosis is the result of ingested 10.20 mg of fluoride per day for 10-20 years. About a million people suffer in India. It occurs where the fluoride water level is 72 ppm (sometimes even if it is < 1 ppm (Derivatives of fluoride are toothpaste, food, air).

Causes of Fluorosis

  • Excessive consumption of fluoride in drinking water (More than 1 ppm)

Do‘s and Don’ts of Fluorosis

  • Normal quantity of fluoride is must in drinking water (1 in 1 ppm).
  • The benefit is maximum when it is taken before permanent teeth erupt
  • Don’t consume water in which the fluoride level is more than 1 ppm.

Signs and Symptoms of Fluorosis

  • Chalky white teeth patch.
  • Yellow stained teeth
  • Brown colored teeth.
  • Discolored teeth.
  • Weak teeth.
  • Can affect dental enamel causing mottling, pitting, and pigmentation.

Skeletal changes:

  • Pain in bones, joints.
  • Burning, tingling, and pricking in limbs.
  • Muscles weakness, fatigue.
  • Reduced appetite.
  • Constant bone pains.
  • Osteosclerosis (Dense bone).
  • Osteoporosis in long bones.
  • Impaired renal function.

Medical advice for Fluorosis

  • Whenever the above symptoms appear and are not relieved by treatment.

Risk factors of Fluorosis

  • Drinking of water from the area where the fluoride level is more than 1 ppm.

Treatment for Fluorosis

  • Defluorination before its consumption for drinking.
  • Symptomatic treatment.

Self Care for Fluorosis

  • Avoiding drinking water which contains fluoride more than 1 ppm.

Investigation for Fluorosis

  • Blood test.
  • X-ray of long bones
    Investigation for Fluorosis
    Information about Fluorosis