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Information about Foreign Objects in Ear

We Have to Know about the Foreign Objects in Ear

  • Most of the cases are reported in children
  • Children may put objects into the ear canal. Small children may not realize that something is in the ear
  • Various objects may be found including toys, beads, stones, folded paper, seeds or insects
  • An embedded object  might cause pain, hearing loss or injury to the eardrum

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions

  • Is it causing extreme distress or pain?

First Aid

  • Tilt the person’s head to the affected side. Straighten the external auditory canal by propulsion the ear lobe upwards and backward. Shake the head gently in this position
  • A soft object that is clearly visible and at intervals grasps could also be withdrawn fastidiously with tweezers. Don’t use this methodology if the person cannot keep still. Never use associate earbud, match or similar object as this will push the object in deeper and may cause damage to the eardrum
  • If a live insect is lodged in the ear (the person may hear the buzzing), pull the lobe backward and upwards so as to straighten the canal. Shine a light into it. The insect might crawl out towards the light. If this can be unsuccessful, pour warm (but not hot) mineral oil, olive oil or baby oil into the ear. The insect ought to suffocate and wash out with the oil. Don’t use oil if you think that the myringa has been perforated, or if the article isn’t associate insect

Causes of Foreign Objects in Ear

  • The person, usually a child, intentionally places the object in the ear canal and unable to remove it
  • Insects may crawl or fly into the ear

Do’s and Don’ts- Foreign Objects in Ear

  • Do not try to remove it with safety pins, matchsticks, etc. as the object may be pushed deep inside

Signs & Symptoms of Foreign Objects in Ear

  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Bleeding
  • Discharge

Medical advice for Foreign Objects in Ear

  • If you cannot remove the object
  • Pain, fever, discharge or bleeding appears
  • If pain or reduced hearing continues
  • Treatment Foreign Objects in Ear
  • Manual removal
  • Local anesthetics for removal

Investigations for Foreign Objects in Ear

  • Generally, no specific tests are recommended
Causes of Foreign Objects in Ear
Foreign Objects in Ear