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Foreign Objects in Nose

Information about Foreign Objects in Nose

We Have to Know about the Foreign Objects in Nose 

  • Curious young children may insert foreign objects into the nose
  • Adults sometimes pack bits of cotton into the nose nostril to stop bleeding. These often become lodged in the nose
  • Potential objects include food, seeds, small toys, crayon pieces, erasers, cotton, beads, etc

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions

  • Are both nostrils are affected and there is shortness of breath and difficulty breathing
  • Heavy bleeding from the nose

First Aid

  • Do not attempt to inhale the object by forcefully breathing in. Breathe through the mouth.
  • Do not probe the nose with cotton swabs or other tools
  • Pinch the other nostril shut and try to gently blow the object out. Do not blow hard or repeatedly.
  • If the object is visible in the lower nostril, remove it with a blunt pair of tweezers. However, do not attempt this if a child is protesting as it may be pushed deeper into the nostril and cause further damage
  • Spray a nasal decongestant in the affected nostril to reduce the swelling

Causes of Foreign Objects in Nose

  • Children
  • Tumor
  • Polyp

Do’s and Don’ts-Foreign Objects in Nose

  • Keep small objects away from kids

Signs & Symptoms of Foreign Objects in Nose

  • Foul smelling or bloody nasal discharge from only one nostril
  • Difficult breathing through the affected nostril
  • Irritation and tender and swollen nose.

Medical advice for Foreign Objects in Nose

  • If you cannot easily remove the foreign object from the nose

Treatment for Foreign Objects in Nose

  • Manual or surgical removal

Self-care for Foreign Objects in Nose

  • Keep small objects and toys away from infants and toddlers

Investigations for Foreign Objects in Nose

Treatment for Foreign Objects in Nose
Self-care for Foreign Objects in Nose