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Fracture Collar Bone

Information about Fracture Collar Bone

We Have to Know about the Fracture Collar Bone

  • The collarbones (clavicle) lie between the breast bone (sternum) and shoulder on either side at the root of the neck.
  • Clavicle fractures are common.
  • They can occur due to direct or transmitted injuries

First Aid

  • Rest the injured part
  • Support the upper limb with a sling.
  • Avoid any activity that causes pain
  • Apply an ice pack or cold compresses for 10-15 minutes as soon as possible after an injury.
  • Consult a doctor

Signs & Symptoms of Fracture Collar Bone

  • Swelling & deformity in the clavicular region
  • Difficulty and painful limitation of movements of upper limb

Medical advice for Fracture Collar Bone

  • Any suspicion of fracture
  • Difficulty to move the arm

Risk factors Fracture Collar Bone

  • Falls, accidents, hits, and injuries.

Investigations for Fracture Collar Bone

  • X- rays
Symptoms of Fracture Collar Bone
                         Fracture Collar Bone