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Fracture Neck of Femur

Information about Fracture Neck of Femur

We Have to Know about the Fracture Neck of Femur

  • The structure of the head and neck of femur is designed for the transmission of body weight efficiently.
  • Calcium content of the bone provides the strength to the bone.
  • In old age the calcium depletion (osteoporosis) occurs resulting in weakening of the bone, thereby increasing the vulnerability for breaking even with a mild strain.
  • The fractures of the neck of the femur are divided into two
  • Intra-capsular fractures
  • Extra-capsular fractures
  • Most of the intra-capsular fractures require an operation.
  • Most of the extra-capsular fractures may unite without surgery, by simple immobilization.

First Aid

  • Do not move the limb
  • Avoid any activity that causes pain.
  • Call 108 ambulance services

Signs & Symptoms of Fracture Neck of Femur

  • A patient is usually an elderly person
  • A history of a fall after sudden turning, injury, or even twist of the leg while standing
  • Pain & inability to move the limb.

Medical advice for Fracture Neck of Femur

  • Any suspicion of fracture
  • Inability to move the limb.

Risk factors of Fracture Neck of Femur

  • Old age
  • Certain diseases – Pathological fractures

Treatment for Fracture Neck of Femur

  • Operation/immobilization/traction depending upon the site and status of fracture and age of the patient.

Investigations for Fracture Neck of Femur

  • X- rays
Medical advice for Fracture Neck of Femur
  Fracture Neck of Femur