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Height (Stature)

Information about Height Stature

We Have to Know about the Height Stature

  • Weight standards exist but height standards do not.
  • Genes & race play a vital role in determining your height.

Normal Heights

  • Compare your height with your parents and blood relatives.
  • Leading a healthy lifestyle in teenage helps you to achieve your greatest potential height.
  • Growth stops at the age of 21 years.
  • Avoid trying ‘height increase’ supplements (available in the market) without the guidance of your physician.

Causes of Height Stature

For abnormal short stature

  • Nutritional deficiency in childhood & adolescence.
  • Chronic or recurrent infections in childhood & adolescence

For abnormal large stature

  • Pituitary or thyroid or adrenal gland endocrinal disorders
  • Genetic Causes

Medical advice for Height Stature

  • Delayed development of secondary sexual characters (Delayed Puberty)
  • Marked height difference when compared to other blood relatives of the same age, before 15 years.
  • Once 21 years has crossed, one can not get improvement in height, but a major underlying cause can be identified for preventing complications.

Treatment for Height Stature

  • Depends on the cause

Investigations for Height Stature

  • Varied
  • Hormonal Tests

Other Advice

If your age is less than 15 years the following measures may help you to improve your height:

  • Eat a well balanced and nutritious diet. It is your diet that will provide you with energy and regulate the biological function responsible for increasing height.
  • Do stretching exercises :
  • Stand in attention.
  • Take a deep breath and stretch your arms over your shoulders.
  • Hold the position for few seconds and then slowly bring down your arms as you exhale
  • Physical activities like running and Yoga postures like Konasanas, Trikonasana, and suryanamaskar (They are stretching and stress relieving exercises). Consult Yoga training center for the yogasna steps.
Causes of Height Stature
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