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HIV Infection

Information about HIV Infection

We Have to Know about the HIV Infection

  • The person infected with HIV becomes susceptible for infections like pneumonia, tuberculosis
  • A viral infection that can damage the immune system of the infected person.

Causes of HIV Infection

  • Sexual transmission
  • Infected blood transfusion
  • Transmission through needle sharing
  • From infected mother to child

Do’s and Don’ts of HIV Infection

  • Don’t indulge in unsafe sexual practices
  • Practice safe sex – Use condoms

Signs & Symptoms of HIV Infection

  • No specific symptoms at the time of infection
  • General symptoms like fever, headache, sore throat, rash, and swollen glands
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Loose Motions
  • May remain symptom-free for up to 10 years

Medical advice for HIV Infection

  • When at risk of contracting HIV infection
  • During pregnancy, if you develop the above symptoms

Risk factors of HIV Infection

  • Unprotected sex with multiple partners
  • Unprotected sex with a person with HIV infection
  • Having another sexually transmitted disease like syphilis, gonorrhea, etc

Treatment for HIV Infection

  • ARV-Anti AIDS treatment may be required in some cases
  • Contact ICTC, VCCTC, PPTC health center, district or general hospital or your doctor

Investigations for HIV Infection

  • HIV testing (blood test) Enzyme immunoassay (EIA), Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) In addition to the standard blood tests for HIV, other tests are available:
  • Rapid HIV test
  • Home test kit
  • Oral test
  • Viral test
  • Urine-based test
  • Western Blot for confirmation
Treatment for HIV Infection
               Medical advice for HIV Infection