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Injuries to the Scalp/Face

Information about Injuries To The Scalp/Face

We Have to Know about Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • Injuries To Scalp-Or/And Face Are Common.
  • These Injuries Bleed Profusely Due To The Rich Blood Supply In These Areas.

Causes of Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • An Accident
  • Assault By Enemies
  • Explosions
  • Falls

Do’s And Don’ts of Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • Bleeding Can Be Controlled By Application Of Local Pressure With Fingers, Palms, Or Bandaging
  • Reassurance To The Injured
  • Airway Should Be Kept Clear

Signs & Symptoms of Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • Severally Bleeding Injuries
  • Ghastly Appearance
  • Rapid Pulse Rate
  • Fall In Systolic Bp
  • Unconsciousness

Medical Advice for Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • Immediately Call For 108 Ambulance Services

Risk Factors of Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • Little’s Area Of Nose
  • Lacerated Areas
  • History Of Trauma

Treatment for Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • Suturing And Repair Of Wounds

Self-Care of Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • Avoid Traumatic Works

Investigations of Injuries To The Scalp/Face

  • Ct Scan
  • Using Of The Affected Area
Injuries To The Scalp/Face
Symptoms of Injuries To The Scalp, Face