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Information about Injuries-Trauma

We Have to know about Injuries-Trauma

  • Injuries Can Occur Due To Accidents, Plane Crashes, Bomb Explosion, Earthquakes, Building Collapses, Accidents In Petrochemical Industries Etc.

Signs & Symptoms of Injuries-Trauma

  • Some May Have Mild Injuries. Some May Be Moderately Injured And Can Be Saved By Treatment If Given On Time. Some May Be Very Seriously Injured And Saving Them Will Be Impossible And Some May Be Actually Dead
  • Injuries Can Damage Any Part Of The Body

Management of Injuries-Trauma

  • A Sorting Of Injured People By A Method Known As Triage And Proper Treatment To Be Extended To The Needy

Self-Care of Injuries-Trauma

  • Control Of Bleeding By A Finger Pressure Or Bandaging
  • The Airway Need To Be Cleared And See That Respiratory Passages Are Cleared By Postural Changes
  • Any Fractured And Deformed Limbs Can Be Kept Undisturbed And Patient Shifted To The Hospital.
  • Patient Should Be Moved Like A Log, Without Bending. If Made To Lie, Turned To One Side Airway May Get Cleared. Immediately Shift To The Hospital.
Self-Care of Injuries-Trauma
   Symptoms of Injuries-Trauma