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Injury to Neck

Information about Injury To Neck

We have to know about Injury to Neck

  • Injury To Neck Is A Common Injury.161. S. Insect Bites
  • They Can Cause Immediate Skin Reaction And Severe Pain, Some Times There May Be Severe Itching At The Site
  • Insect Bites Are A Common Problem In Children And May Be Difficult To Diagnose.
  • Insect Bites And Stings Are Common And, Although Bothersome, Seldom Have Serious Consequences. The Severity Of An Insect Bite Varies From Person To Person. The Type Of Reaction Which Occurs After An Insect Bite Depends On The Species Of Insect, The Age Of The Person And Whether Or Not The Person Has Been Exposed To The Insect Before.
  • Insects Not Only Bite But Also Cause Irritation To The Skin. Most Reactions To Insect Bites Depend On A Reaction To The Saliva Or Venom. Insect Bites Can Be Single Or Multiple, Depending On The Feeding Habits Of The Insect Concerned. For Example, Fleas May Produce Multiple Bites While A Mosquito Bite May Only Bite Once.
  • Mosquito, Bedbugs And Flea Bites Are The Most Common Insect Bites. In Certain Areas, Some Mosquitoes Can Transmit Malaria. Bee And Wasp Stings Are Common During Summer But Not Usually Dangerous Unless The Person Is Allergic To These Insects Or If They Are Stung In The Mouth Or Throat. These Stings Cause A Painful Red Bump Or Swelling.
  • Ticks Are Parasites That Embed Their Heads In The Skin To Feed On The Blood Of Mammals. They Range In Colour From Brown To Grey And Are Usually Found In The Veld And On Domestic Animals. Tick Bites Are More Common During Spring And Summer. They Seldom Lead To Serious Problems But Some Ticks May Transmit Organisms Which Could Lead To Illnesses, Such As Tick Bite Fever.

First Aid of Injury to Neck

Home Treatment

  • Itching Can Be Relieved With An Ice Cube Or Cool Compresses, A Baking Soda Paste Or Bath, Soothing Lotions Such As Calamine, Prep Or Witch Hazel. 1% Hydrocortisone Cream Is Also Effective.
  • Take An Oral Antihistamine, Such As Phenergan, To Reduce Severe Itching. Give Paracetamol For Pain.
  • Remove A Bee Stinger By Gently Scraping The Skin With The Blunt Edge Of A Knife Or With Your Fingernail. Try To Do So Within 30 Seconds To Avoid Receiving More Venom. Do Not Grasp The Stinger As This Could Release More Venom. If The Stinger Is Below The Skin Surface, Leave It Alone And See A Doctor. Do Not Rub The Skin.
  • Wash The Bite Area With Soap And Water.
  • If You Are Severely Allergic To Bee Or Wasp Stings, Ask Your Doctor About An Emergency Kit Containing An Adrenaline Syringe (Epipen), And Try To Avoid Being Outdoors. An Ice Cube Will Also Reduce Blood Flow.
  • If You’ve Been Outdoors, Check Your Whole Body For Ticks, Especially Hairy Areas, Skin Clefts And Crevices. If A Tick Is Found, Remove It Immediately. Don’t Use Bare Fingers To Remove The Tick, But Clutch It With Fine-Tipped Tweezers As Close To The Skin As Possible And Pull It Out In A Straight Line – Don’t Jerk Or Twist It. Make Sure That The Head Is Also Removed. If The Head Remains Behind, It Could Cause A Small Necrotic Ulcer (“Veld Sore”). Do Not Squeeze Or Crush The Tick. Save The Tick In A Container In Case You Develop A Tick-Borne Illness And Tests Need To Be Done. Wash Your Hands And The Bite Site. Apply An Antiseptic Cream.

Prevention of Injury to Neck

  • Use Insect Repellants, Such As Coils And Sprays, Containing 10% Deet To Prevent Mosquito And Flea Bites. They Do Not Work Against Stinging Insects. Ensure That There Is No Stagnant Water On Your Property.
  • Sleep Under A Mosquito Net With A Fan Next To You And Wear Protective Clothing After Dusk.
  • Make Sure That The Household Pets Are Free Of Fleas By Regular Use Of Anti-Flea Preparations. If Fleas Are Obviously Infesting The House Then Fumigation May Be Needed.
  • Stay Out Of The “Territory” Of Stinging Insects’ Nests. If You Encounter Any Flying Stinging Insects, Stay Calm And Move Away From Them Slowly. Do Not Swat At It; Rather, Gently Brush It Aside.
  • Many Insects Are Attracted By Flower Smells, So Avoid Perfume When Outdoors. Wear White Clothing If You Are Visiting An Area Where Bees Are Common. Wear Closed-Toe Shoes Outdoors And Don’t Go Barefoot.
  • Keep Food Covered When Eating Or Drinking Outdoors. Remember That Stinging Insects Crawl Into Open Cool Drink Cans.

Spider Bites And Scorpion Stings 

  • Only A Few Species Of Spiders Are Dangerous. Spider Bites May Produce A Reddened Wheal And An Ulcer But In Serious Cases Could Lead To Intense Pain Around The Bite, Sweating, Muscle Cramps, Fever, And Difficulty Breathing.
  • Symptoms Include An Intense And Burning Pain, Numbness And Tingling Across The Body, Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach Pain, Blurred Vision, Slurred Speech, Difficulty Breathing Or Swallowing And Shock

Home Treatment

  • Call 108 Emergency Services With Any Dangerous Spider Or Scorpion Bites. Keep The Affected Limb Lower Than The Heart. Watch For Symptoms Of Shock.
  • If Breathing Stops, Perform Cpr.
  • Apply An Ice Pack Right Away To Reduce Swelling And The Spread Of The Venom. A Baking Soda Paste Is Helpful To Relieve Itch.
  • Do Not Use A Tourniquet.
  • Give Paracetamol For Pain. Avoid Any Medication Which Could Lead To Drowsiness.


  • ShakeOut Shoes Before Putting Them On.
  • Wear Gloves When Working In The Garden, In Basements Or Near Wood Piles. Wear Shoes, Especially At Night.
  • Take Care When You Visit Areas Where Scorpions Are Common. Be Careful When Lifting Rocks And Pieces Of Wood In The Field. Do Not Sleep On The Ground When Camping.

Jellyfish Or Bluebottle Stings

  • Immediately Rinse The Affected Area Of Skin With Sea Water Before Attempting To Remove The Tentacles. Do Not Rinse With Fresh Water Or Rub The Area.
  • Cover Your Hands And Gently Remove Any Tentacles.
  • Rinse The Area With Vinegar Or Apply Baking Soda Paste
  • Pain Can Be Treated With Topical Anaesthetic Creams Or Calamine Lotion.
  • Also, Try Immersing The Affected Part In Water As Hot As Can Be Tolerated With A Pinch Of Salt For 30 Minutes.

Causes of Injury to Neck

  • Mites, Spiders, And Ticks
  • Centipedes, Millipedes
  • Mosquitoes, Flies, And Fleas
  • Ants, Bees, And Wasps
  • Lice
  • Bedbugs, Kissing Bugs

Signs & Symptoms of Injury to Neck

  • Itchy Lump In The Area Of The Bite
  • Localized Pain
  • Swelling
  • Irritation
  • A Few People Are Allergic To Insect Bites And Will Experience Itchy Bumps, Itching And Swelling In Other Areas Of The Body. There Might Be Tightness In The Chest, Difficulty Breathing And Swelling Of The Face And Tongue. Only A Small Percentage Of People Develop An Anaphylactic Reaction Which May Be Life-Threatening.

Medical Advice for Injury to Neck

  • If Child Is Having Difficulty Breathing Or Swallowing After Being Bitten
  • There Are Multiple Bites Around The Eyes Causing Marked Swelling
  • You Have A Severe Allergic Reaction To An Insect Bite.
  • You’ve Been Stung On Your Face Or Neck. It May Cause Rapid Swelling Which Could Obstruct The Airway.
  • There Are Signs Of Infection
  • You Develop Urticaria (Hives)
  • If In Tick Bite, The Whole Tick Could Not Be Removed And You Develop Flu-Like Symptoms.

Treatment for Injury to Neck

  • Treatment Is Aimed At Relieving The Itching
  • Neck Contains Large Blood Vessels And Other Important Structures Like Wind Pipe, Esophagus And Cervical Part Of Spine And Spinal Cord.

Causes of Injury to Neck

  • Assault
  • Cut Throat
  • Accident

Do’s And Don’ts of Injury to Neck

  • If Bleeding Is Present  Prevent Bleeding By Applying Pressure On It To Avoid Hypovolemic Shock

Signs & Symptoms Injury to Neck

  • If The Injury Is Mild – Mild Open Wound
  • If Severe- Severe Bleeding, Respiratory Problem, Paralysis Of All Four Limbs (Quadriplegia) Or Both Lower Limbs (Paraplegia)
  • Patient Restless, Anxious, And Pale.

Medical Advice for Injury to Neck

  • Immediate 108 Ambulance Services Should Be Called For.

Self-Care of Injury to Neck

  • Try To Control Bleeding By Finger Pressure Over The Bleeding Point
  • Do Not Bend Or Straighten The Neck
  • If Bleeding Is Not Severe, Apply A Hard Cervical Collar To Protect Spinal Cord.
  • Keep Air Way Patent.
  • If Trachea Is Open, Prevent Foreign Bodies Or Blood Getting Into It
  • Shift To The Hospital Immediately Injury To Neck Is A Common Injury.
Injury To Neck
 Causes of Injury to Neck