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Kegel Exercises

Information about Kegel Exercises

We Have to know about Kegel Exercises

  • Kegel Exercises Were Originally Developed By Dr. Arnold Kegel In 1948 As A Method Of Controlling Incontinence In Women Following Childbirth. These Exercises Are Now Recommended For Women With Urinary Leakage (Stress Incontinence), Some Men Who Have Urinary Incontinence After Prostate Surgery, And People Who Have Fecal (Stool) Incontinence.

Principle Behind Hegel Exercises

  • To Strengthen The Muscles Of The Pelvic Floor

How To Do Kegel Exercises?

  • Begin By Emptying Your Bladder.
  • Tighten The Pelvic Floor Muscles And Hold For A Count Of 10.
  • Relax The Muscle Completely For A Count Of 10.
  • Perform 10 Exercises, Three Times A Day (Morning, Afternoon, And Night).
  • These Exercises Can Be Performed Any Time And Any Place. Most People Prefer To Perform The Exercises While Lying Down Or Sitting In A Chair. After 4 To 6 Weeks, Most People Notice Some Improvement. It May Takes As Long As 3 Months To See A Significant Change.

Do’s And Don’ts of Kegel Exercises

  • Do Not Over-Exercise. It May Cause Muscle Fatigue And Increase Leakage Of Urine
Kegel Exercises
                     Kegel Exercises