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Kitchen Safety

Information about Kitchen Safety

We Have to know about Kitchen Safety

Guidelines For Creating A Safe, Practical Environment In The Kitchen:

  • Store Glasses And Precious China In A Lockable Cabinet Or Up High And Out Of Reach.
  • Be Aware Of The Dangers Of Household Cleaning Products. Store Them In A Safe Place, Locked Away From Your Child’s Attention.
  • Keep Knives And Other Sharp Tools, Such As Electric Mixer Blades, In Locked Drawers
  • Place Glasses, Knives As Well As Hot Food And Drinks, Away From The Edges Of Counters And Tables
  • One Idea Is To Set Aside At Least One Cupboard That Is Safe For Your Child To Open And Explore
  • Never Leave Children Unattended
  • When Carrying A Hot Drink Or Item In One Hand, Don’t Attempt To Carry Your Baby With The Other
  • Don’t Leave Cooking Unattended. Stay In The Kitchen When You Have Something Cooking On The Stove.
  • Unplug Your Appliances And Turn Off The Stove As Soon As You Are Finished With Them
  • Keep Your Appliances Clean! Greasy Appliances Can Catch Fire.
  • Keep Flammable Objects Clear Of The Stove. This Includes Towels, Books, Dishes, Clothes, And Long Flowing Sleeves.
  • Don’t Ever Load Outlets With Too Many Appliances. They Can Short And Cause A Fire.
  • Use Oven Mitts When Removing Hot Things From Microwaves And Stove Tops.
  • Always Turn Your Pot And Pan Handles Inward. If They Are Leaning Over The Side Of The Stove They Can Be Knocked Down And Seriously Hurt Someone.
  • Never Touch Anything Electrical With Wet Hands And Do Not Use Electric Appliances Near Or In A Sink.
  • Sharp Knives Should Be Held By The Handle With Cutting Edge Away From You.
  • Care About Slips And Falls In Kitchen
  • Soapy Water, Grease And Oils, And Things Like The Traditional Banana Peel Are Standard In Kitchens And Are All Slippery
  • If You Spill Something On The Floor, Clean It Up. Keep A Mop Or Such Handy For This Purpose.
  • Often When You Are Working In The Kitchen You Are Moving Fast. Don’t Leave Boxes, Stools, Bags Or Anything Else Out On The Floor Where They Can Trip Up A Fast Moving Cook.
  • Glazed Floor Tile Is Beautiful But Dangerous. Avoid Glazed Tile For Kitchen Floors

Safety Around Kitchen Electricity

  • Keep An Eye On All Electrical Cords. Watch For Any Breaks Or Cuts, Or Frayed Areas Where The Cord Passes Over An Edge Or Something Has Sat On It. Repair Any Damage You Find.
  • Don’t Overload Circuits By Using Multiple Plugs, Extension Cords. If You Have Old Wiring, It Is Often A Good Idea To Get It Checked By A Professional For Load Carrying Capacity.
  • Don’t Use Appliances Near The Sink Or Other Water.

Special Kitchen Safety Tips For Children

  • It Is Important To Keep Pot Handles Turned In Towards The Back Of The Stove. This Will Prevent A Child From Grabbing Onto The Handle And Pulling The Pot Onto Themselves.
  • Hot Items Should Be Kept At A Safe Distance From Children
  • If Toddlers Are Present, Tablecloths Should Be Removed Because They Can Pull Everything Down On Top Of Themselves.
  • Be Sure That Children Cannot Climb Onto Cabinets
  • The Location Of The Microwave Should Be Inaccessible To Young Children.
  • If Appliance Cords Are Allowed To Dangle Or Hangover Countertop Or Table Edges Then Children Can Pull The Appliance Onto Them And Get Injured.
Special Kitchen Safety Tips For Children
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