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Information about Oligohydramnios

We Have to Know about the Oligohydramnios

  • Oligohydramnios is a condition associated with a decrease in the amount of liquor amnii (water). It is a rare condition. The total amount of water may be a few ounces.

Causes of Oligohydramnios

  • Imperforate urethra or any urinary tract abnormalities. The adhesions develop between Foetus a membranes
  • Some of the defects are due to cramped space in which the Foetus has to develop
  • Renal Agenesis

Do’s and Don’ts – Oligohydramnios

Signs & Symptoms of Oligohydramnios

  • The uterus is smaller than a period of amenorrhea (Smaller stomach)
  • Foetal parts easily palpable
  • Uterine contractions are powerful
  • The placenta may separate prematurely
  • Signs of foetal distress
  • 1st stage (time from the period of onset of labor to full dilation of the cervix) is prolonged

 Medical advice for Oligohydramnios

  •  When the uterus is not growing as per the period of amenorrhea (smaller stomach)

Risk factors of Oligohydramnios

Treatment for Oligohydramnios

  • Terminate pregnancy

Self-care for Oligohydramnios

Investigations for Oligohydramnios

  •  Complete Blood Picture
  • Scanning
  • Blood Grouping and Rh Typing
  • Urine test
 Medical advice for Oligohydramnios
Symptoms of Oligohydramnios