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Information about Pica (Eating Disorder)

We Have to Know about Pica (Eating Disorder)

  • Pica may be a pattern of ingestion non-food materials (such as dirt or paper).
  • This pattern ought to last a minimum of one month to suit the diagnosing of pica.

Causes of Pica (Eating Disorder)

  • Pica is seen more in young children than adults, especially in children aged 1 to 6
  • Pregnancy: Pica can occur during Pregnancy.
  • Nutritional Deficiencies, such as iron deficiency anemia and zinc deficiency

Signs & Symptoms of Pica (Eating Disorder)

  • Few examples of individuals suffering from pica eat are soap, clay, dirt, ice, sand, animal feces, paint, eraser, and chewing pencils

Do’s and Don’ts of Pica (Eating Disorder)

  • There is no specific prevention.
  • Adequate nutrition may be helpful.

Medical advice for Pica (Eating Disorder)

  • See a doctor if you notice that a child (or adult) has a constant habit of eating non-food materials.

Treatment for Pica (Eating Disorder)

  • Treatment emphasizes psychosocial, environmental, and family education approaches.
  • If the cause is nutritional deficiencies then treating them.
  • Medications

Investigations for Pica (Eating Disorder)

  • Blood tests for levels of iron, zinc, hemoglobin, and lead should be tested.
Medical advice for Pica (Eating Disorder)
  Pica (Eating Disorder)