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Information about Stye

We Have to Know about the Stye

  • Abscess in the eyelid

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions

Causes of stye

  • Bacterial infection
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Signs & Symptoms of Stye

  • Margin of the eyelid becomes painful, tender and red.
  • A small pimple forms, the eye may tear a lot, and the child may complain of light hurting the eye.
  • Foreign body sensation in the affected eye

Medical advice for Stye

  • If the stye is:
  • Large, painful, not settling
  • Associated with red and swollen skin around the eye.
  • Associated with a fever or drowsiness.

Risk factors of Stye

  • Common in children

Treatment for Stye

  • Local eye ointments or eye drops
  • Minor surgery for chronic cases not reposinding to medicines

Self-care for Stye

  • Hold a warm cloth on the eyelid with the eye closed.

Investigations  for Stye

  • Eye tests for refractive errors
  • Lab tests to rule out diabetes