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Undescended Testicle

Information about Undescended Testicle

We Have to Know about the Undescended Testicle

  • An undescended testicle, also called cryptorchidism, is a testicle that has not moved down into the scrotum.
  • Either one or both testicles can be affected.
  • The majority of undescended testicles descend into the scrotum on their own during the first three to six months of life.
  • If the testicle has not descended by six to nine months of age, it should be evaluated by a specialist.
  • An undescended testicle increases the risk of infertility (not being able to have children), testicular cancer, hernias and testicular torsion (twisting). An empty scrotum also can cause significant psychological stress as the boy gets older. For these reasons, early treatment is very important.
  • Some boys have a normally descended testicle at birth that then appears to move back up into the abdomen when they are between 4 and 10 years old. This condition is called an acquired undescended testicle. This is thought to occur when, for unknown reasons, the spermatic cord attached to the testicle does not grow as quickly as the rest of the child does.

Causes of Undescended Testicle

  • In the fetus, the testes begin their development in the abdomen then normally move downward through into the scrotum.
  • Cryptorchidism might result if anything affects that process of descent, although the exact cause is unknown.
  • Other possible causes include hormonal abnormalities during gestation or an abnormally developed testis.
  • If one or both testes are completely absent, torsion (a twisting of the blood supply to the gonads during gestation) may be the cause.

Signs and Symptoms of Undescended Testicle

  • The scrotum appears underdeveloped or smaller on the affected side.

Do’s & Don’ts of Undescended Testicle

  • There is no way to prevent this condition because the exact cause is not known.

Medical advice for Undescended Testicle

  • Consult a doctor for a thorough examination if one or both testicles cannot be felt within the scrotum.
  • Seek medical attention immediately for severe groin pain

Risk factors of Undescended Testicle 

Treatment for Undescended Testicle

  • Surgery

Self-care for Undescended Testicle

Investigations for Undescended Testicle   

Undescended Testicle

                       Undescended Testicle