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Information about Vasectomy

We Have to Know about the Vasectomy

  • Vasadifferentia is the tubes through which semen from testes is conveyed to seminal vesicles.
  • For certain purposes, the tubes can be blocked by the surgical operation- VASECTOMY.
  • The operation has to occur on both sides.
  • Recently a finer procedure- No SCALPEL VASECTOMY has come into vogue.

Could be dangerous, if the answer is YES for any one of the following questions 

Causes of Vasectomy

  • Family planning purposes
  • During prostatectomy operation

Do’s and Don’ts of Vasectomy   

Signs & Symptoms of Vasectomy

  • When a family has two children and are willing to adopt a permanent
  • Family planning operation for the male partner.

Medical advice for Vasectomy

  • When a family decides upon family limitation and the male member wants to get operated upon.

Risk factors of Vasectomy

  • Usually NO. But rarely pain, swelling, bleeding or infection can occur

Treatment for Vasectomy

  • It is an elective operation and routine postoperative care is needed.

Self-care for Vasectomy

  • A condom needs to be used during sexual intercourse, after the operation, till the sperm examination shows no sperm cell in the ejaculate.
  • Rarely, if necessary a recanalization operation can be done to reverse the procedure.

Investigations for Vasectomy

  • Routine preoperative evaluation.